Three Best Trails For finding Your Life’s Purpose

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Tragedy changes us. Often, it inspires us to take on the biggest challenges of our lives. Like taking 3 months off to hike through the most beautiful scenery across the U.S.

If you haven’t seen Wild  (2014) based on Cheryl Strayed, we highly recommend. It’s about a one woman’s journey to find herself through a 1,100-mile hike.

We will not claim a hike will heal all of your problems, but there is nothing else like it. That’s for sure.

In case you feel lost in your daily life, here are the best trails in U.S.

Pacific Crest Trail: 2,663 miles

After recommending ‘Wild’, we can only start with the path of Mrs.Strayed. The Pacific Crest Trail starts in California and goes through Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia.

It is one of the first three long-distance trails where hikers would need 3-5 months to finish the trail in one go.

Of course, you don’t have to. Take a day or a week and commit to a challenge like that.

Appalachian Trail, 2,185 miles

The trail extends through 14 states and may be the most famous ones in the U.S. and the world. After all, it is the longest hiking trail in the world.

What most hikers love about this particular trail is that its as perfect to take short hikes as well as wallow it whole. the length of the trail would keep you busy for at least 6 months if you decided to complete it.

If you are having some doubts, start with a documentary.

The Grand Enchantment Trail, 770 m.

From Arizona to New Mexico, there is a mid-range trail exceeding 770 miles. Like any trail, it is mesmerizing and glorious, but what you should know that it is, naturally, a very hot trail. That’s why the 300 mile distance has been curved to 770 miles allowing hikers to reach frequent bodies of water. That’s why early spring may be the best suited for this trail.


Long-distance hiking is a big challenge to take on. If you want a one-day active vacation, be our guest. But hikes shouldn’t be easy because it’s about taking up something extremely hard and proving to yourself that you are stronger than you think.

Naturally, if you spend most of your free time on your couch enjoying free pokie downloads, do start with short, one-two day hikes. But know, that there is no limit in what you can achieve.

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