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The best travel destinations in the United States 

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Planning ahead

Are you planning your next trip to the United States? This can be quite a tricky thing, as the country is so big. It is almost impossible to have enough time to travel to every place there. This sounds more like a bucket list, but not a normal holiday. Therefore, today we will look into some must-visit places in the United States. 

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This place is probably one of the most visited places in the United States, as it has such a high historical value. I am sure that you know how the Lincoln memorial looks from your history books, but seeing it in real life is a different experience.  

You can take a walk through the same places that the great presidents once walked through and feel the history everywhere. Moreover, not seeing the White House in real life would be just a shame. It is probably one of the most iconic places in the country. You might even wave to the new president. 

Las Vegas 

I might be just a little bit biased, as this is one of my favourite places in the world. There is just something so special about all of the businesses and lights in that place, and it just looks magical. Everyone just seems so happy there, and you can see people enjoying their lives. There is a casino on every street which is also a plus.  

Moreover, thousands go there just for the casinos, as they are magnificent. If you do not feel ready yet to go to a casino, then you can find some signup bonuses online and practice before the real thing. If you are going to the United States, then forgetting Las Vegas would pretty much be a sin. It is just one of those places that you have to visit to actually understand its beauty.  

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Do you enjoy the idea of walking through some of the nicest beaches in the world? If yes, then California is the best place for you. Spending even a few hours in Los Angeles or Sacramento is worth a lifetime. I have to admit that California sometimes feels too good to be true, as the place is straight out of the TV.  

Moreover, the possibility of seeing a celebrity is probably the highest in California. It might be a good place to take a new profile picture with a famous person for your social media accounts. So, there are way too many reasons why not visiting California would be a mistake.  

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Everything you need to know about a US tour

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Travelling to different countries is exciting and something to look forward to. Before visiting a country it is always good to research upon the country, the culture, dos and don’ts, tourist spots and things or places recommended by locals or people who have visited the country. The US is a big country with many tourist attractions and places which you should definitely go to. Hence we have written here about everything you need to know for a tour in the US.

24/7 open:

One great thing about a tour in the US is that majority of the commercial or public places are open 24/7. You can eat at good places or find good entertainment at any time of the day and night. It might be different when you visit smaller cities.

The country is big:

The US is a vast country spreading out to3.8 million square miles. People own big houses and vehicles. When you order in the majority of the eating joints, don’t be surprised to see large portions. People also like their personal spaces hence you should respect it. You’ll also find regional differences depending on the state you visit. These differences can be in their accent, food, lifestyle and even laws.


Healthcare is expensive in the states, and you should be careful about your health when you do visit. If you do not have good insurance, then the expenses are high. Medicines are also difficult to get without prescriptions.

National parks:

The US has many huge national parks in almost every state. The parks have been maintained well and are open to anyone for a visit. These parks are one of the things the US can boast about, and visitors should definitely visit.

Public transport:

Another thing you should definitely know about a US tour is that public transports are not 100% reliable. The size of the country limits public transports in many ways. Hence all Americans own at least one car for transportation. It is advisable that you rent a car if you do visit. This does not mean that there are no public transports. There are transports which function well in big cities, but they are limited.

Emergency services:

Even though we don’t live in the US a lot of us know about the 911 emergency service in the states. The service is outstanding and responsive. In the case of an emergency do contact 911 immediately. You’ll get help soon.


Tipping is something that is regarded important and necessary in the US. We might be used to not tipping or tipping at low rates in the restaurants of our own countries since it is voluntary. However, it is an indirect or unofficial norm that you tip 15% or above. This is because the wages are low hence the major portion of salary comes from tips.

Modes of payment:

In most of the places, cards are the preferred mode of payment.Some places don’t even accept cash.

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How to tourism industry works in the United States

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Since 1850’s, the tourism industry in U.S has been gaining strength and continued to do so. The United States is one of the megadiverse countries, and as one of the leading countries, the scope for travel and tourism industry is very much favourable. The tourism in the United States is one of the largest industries that handle over a million of tourist internationally and domestically.

The United States is leading the world on international travel and tourism exports, and it ranks second regarding total visitation. Furthermore, while most of the activity is domestic, the sole expenditures made by the international visitors to the country have totalled up to $246.2 billion in 2015, and the number of tourist and travellers rises every year. This industry itself contributed a total of 1.6 trillion USD to the GDP in the year 2015 while supporting about 7.6 million U.S jobs. The industry is estimated to grow by 3% annually through the year 2021, and it has also been estimated to contribute more than 2.6 trillion USD to the GDP by 2027

There are a variety of sections that come under the Tourism industry. Among all the subdivision in the travel and tourism, there are the three main sectors, which contributes a great amount in the total yielding. The three sectors include the- air travel, accommodation and the food service. Accommodation is the largest of the three sections deals with a total of 18% of the travel and tourism-related spending. This part of the sector itself backs up more than 1.9 million of the jobs in U.S. The second largest sector is Air travel which accounts for about 17% of the total expense related to travel and tourism. Since the time air travel has been introduced, it had been contributing greatly to the tourism industry in U.S.

The air travel sector itself is supporting around 870,000 U.S jobs. In the year 2015, travellers have spent nearly $265 billion just on air services. The third largest sector in the industry is the food services. This sector holds the account for over 16% of the total that people spent. It supports about 1.9 million of the U.S. jobs. The purchases of the goods and services related to travel and tourism just by the international travellers in the United States had totalled up to $10.9 billion in the year 2013. In the year 2015, travellers spent around $255 billion just on food services. The increasing number of travellers and tourist demands a high number of employers. Hence, the U.S travel and tourism industry employ one out of every eighteen Americans, directly or indirectly.

The tourism industry in U.S coordinates efforts with various fields to reduce barriers in this industry and to form a partnership, managing the statistics, developing and administering the various tourism policies. Thus, it is creating a friendly environment so as to increase the exports, thus leading to the generation of employment in U.S and enhancing the economic growth of the nation.

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